Xanthochroid-Land Of Snow And Sorrow (Folk version)

A great folk cover to Wintersun!


Wintersun-Time I (2012)


The long awaited release by the epic Finnish band fronted by Jari Mäenpää. (of course the album was released almost a year ago….but who cares). I bought the album the day it was released and when asked about it all i could say at the time was “it’s pure magic!” and it is! Upon listening to the intro alone ‘When Time Fades Away’ I feel like i am taken away to mystical land (as corny as that sounds :s). It than break into “Sons of Winter and Stars”, a 13 minute Masterpiece. Where do I begin, it starts calm and breaks into some wicked melodic power metal and when I heard Jari’s voice for the first time in this album I got goosebumps! The guitar work both by Jari and Teemu Mäntysaari is fantasic and flows really well together with bass work by Jukka Koskinen and drumming by Kai Hahto. My favorite part of the song are the clear vocals at 7:15, I absolutely love Jari’s vocals and the guitar work….fucking amazing! such a good song! “Land of Snow and Sorrow” is the next song and fails to disappoint. its another amazing song, its a slower song but the clear vocals again are awesome! “Darkness and Frost”, An instrumental song follows and leads into the Epic finale “Time”. What can i say about this song….other than perfect. this is my favorite song on the album. its so good! I have heard this song so many times and each time I listen, I like it more! The chorus is absolutely beautiful as Jari lays his heart out. 

I saw Wintersun back in December and was blown away by how good of a live show they played. I couldn’t help but agree with a fan who shouted “Ensiferum has nothing on Jari”. I really enjoy Ensiferum but in my opinion the last 3 Ensiferum albums are no comparison to “Time I” This is such a good album. I could honestly say it is one of my favorite albums of all time. 

Grimner – Fard


This is a great album from the underground Swedish Folk Metal band. It has a good mixture of death metal and clear vocals that remind me of Ensiferum. I just stumbled across this band one day and I have been a fan ever since. I always cheer for the underground metal bands and I hope these guys make an impact on the metal scene. They are one of many band who will probably go undiscovered. I hope by releasing these blogs that bands like this one get noticed (even if it is only by a few people). The album is full of great songs. I would honestly recommend this whole album. the drums and guitar flow really well and have the feel of charging into battle, again similar to Ensiferum….but who cares Ensiferum are awesome and so are these guys!