Allied Atrocities by Dr. William L. Pierce

A great video I recommend everyone to watch and share.


The Rape of Thailand

I feel like I must talk about this. A few months ago I decided that I needed time away from my capitalist society so I decided to take a long over due Vacation to travel Thailand, I am currently renting an apartment for a month and enjoy the peace and quiet. I wanted a place to just relax and read my books. I was quite surprised on how well I was accepted by many locals for my Nationalist beliefs. Many Asians are quite the nationalists. Many will not breed with forigniers and its actually illegal in some countries. in Loas foreigners could be arrested for having sex with Laos woman. Visas are quite strick in most Asian countries with only 30 days allowed to foreigners. They make it almost impossible to become a citizen. Drugs also bring heavy prison sentences. In India, Mein Kampf is very popular and is a best seller (I even bought a copy there), they even read it in schools. The indian people are quite proud of Hitler because if it wasn’t for him, The British empire would probably still be in India.

But not all of Asia is like that. Unfortunately its slowly becoming more tainted by the Jewish hand of the Western World and Prostitution and Pornography is on the rise. It was not long into my trip before I was taken back by all the horrible things I was seeing, mostly by older white men.  On one occasion I saw three men with one Thai prostitute. Another occasion I saw a man with a young thai girl no older than 14! And today, not even one hour ago I saw an older man with a young boy! Unfortunately places like Thailand cater to the scum of our society. Many Thais are to poor, so many are forced into prostitution. Now I am guessing most of these men are probably twisted Porn fanatics who would otherwise be in prison in modern society. I cannot imagine how angry the Thais must feel at Foreigners because of these animals who commits these atrocities. These traders should be brought back to their homelands and dragged through the streets before a public execution! but what happens? Most will go back to their families and probably do the same thing next year or  they will spread the disease to a family member! Aids and other STD’s are quite common in Thailand. Most of these losers will catch STD’s and give it to the Wife, unaware of her husbands infidelity. Or he will continue to spread it through prostitution or one night stands.

I just had to rant about this. it just makes me mad when Scum like this disgrace their own race by becoming whore parasites!